Dear Poi...

Dear Poi, At the end of our summer residency in Chicago, we planned to have our long hair fully braided together so we would live co-joined for the last 24 hours we were with each other, after which we’d cut off Anna’s hair so Jemima would wear it back to Australia. As we researched in preparation, we came across fetish websites devoted to amateur photography of women with extremely long hair. Often the visceral prominence of the hair in the images began to form another body. One photo that made us laugh was of a guy masturbating using a woman’s long hair. In the end we didn’t end up making our ‘hair work’ because it was too psychological for us to handle at that point in time. However, the project is still very much on our minds. Love, CamLab, 2010
digital photograph

A Day in the Studio (Viewer as Relational Object)

A Day in the Studio (Viewer as Relational Object), 2009
digital print, 40” x 30”

To Do To

To Do To, 2009
xerox wallpaper
dimensions variable (8.5” x 11” paper)

Speaker's Mound for Internalized Research

Speakers’ Mound for Internalized Research, 2009
microphone, amp, research binder, all our clothing
dimensions variable

Visitors were invited to step up to the sculpture to read aloud from the research binder provided. The documents explored “psychoness” and were gathered from various sources including CamLab’s personal archive.

Recessional Objects (for Demonstration)

Recessional Objects (for Demonstration), 2009
performance with glass, spectacles, plastic jewelry, lampshades, clothing, shoes

“New Shapes” soundtrack for performance by Josh Mannis

During the course of the exhibition opening for Emodes of Research, CamLab performed six 6-minute demonstrations of relational objects made from found materials. The performances took place in the “Night Alcove,” while the objects themselves were displayed in the gallery’s other (unmodified) recess.

Emodes of Research Press Release

Emodes of Research Press Release, 2009