Study for Durational Performance (Occupy LA)

Study for Durational Performance (Occupy LA), 2011
3-hour live performance with 60 feet of fabric

At the entrance to City Hall, CamLab stood at both ends of the fabric expanse, inviting passers-by to cut their own head holes and occupy it with us. While we stood together, many different kinds of conversations materialized, from the private and personal to impromptu televised interviews.

Try-Relational Feedback

Try-Relational Feedback, 2011
handmade soft sculpture, borrowed bedroom, monitor, chairs, blankets, coffee table, plant, beers, magazines, tequila

CamLab related to and through a handmade soft sculpture while sequestered in a private bedroom, with the live feed playing to viewers on a monitor in a den-like 'hang-out' room nearby. The durational broadcast cultivated psychological space generated from pleasurable embodiment, indulgent role-play, and intimate speech.


Gathered in a Clearing

Gathered in a Clearing, a group show curated by CamLab at LEVEL in Brisbane, Australia, February 5-25, 2011.
With work by:
Andrea Bowers
Leslie Dick
Alexis Disselkoen
Candice Lin
Elana Mann
Wendy Mason
Gina Osterloh
Louisa Van Leer