Wearing Witness

Keeping Scores, 2014
weekend-long interactive performance with collected performance scores, bi-lingual take-away pamphlet, custom-designed fabric and props
Enacted during our Wearing Witness residency at CUADRO, a downtown El Paso, TX art space instigated by the Rubin Center at University of Texas, El Paso and Machine Project (LA). We observed everyday activity around the city of El Paso and then translated the actions, behaviors, social dynamics, and transgressions into an archive of scores. Participants were invited to perform the scores within a graphic, self-empathic set, at a drop-in afternoon open house, during a theatrical public spectacle, or one-on-one by appointment. Visitors who didn't want to perform could simply observe their fellow citizens participating in relational anthropology.

Selfempathy, 2014

Our introduction to the El Paso community was exaggerated through our wardrobe, which consisted solely of ‘Selfempathy’ garments for the duration of our time in the city. Designed using selfie photos, the patterned dresses are both embarrassing ice breakers and documents of the collaborative process. Each member of the duo chose which dress to wear each day, resulting in a different combination of ‘her’ and ‘me’. As the selfie and, in particular, the ‘artselfie’ emerge as both the bane and the inspiration of contemporary visual culture, we emphasize ourselves by wearing them selves on their sleeves.

Large-scale Trailings Exercise (El Paso), 2014
Documentation of a workshop to collectively make a giant 'trailing' out of fabric. Devised by Brazilian artist Lygia Clark, the simple exercise of cutting along a mobius strip is “scaled up” to propose collective embodiment and tactile synchronicity.

With and Between

With and Between, 2014
text poem in blue embroidery thread worn on the clothing of CamLab and eleven of our students at the opening reception for eachother, an exhibition at the Luckman Gallery, Los Angeles
dimensions variable

Permissionary Work

CamLab's solo exhibition, Permissionary Work
Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, 2013

Permissionary Work installation view

Becky (an approximation of the hand-cut fabric font that Becky used in her final project for our Ox-Bow class), 2013
orange neon 
64 x 12 x 2.25”
56 x 12 x 2.25”  

Inside-Outside Table, 2013 
custom-made surface in two parts for public and private workshops 
birch plywood, metal 
8’ x 8’ x 29”

Score for Selfempathy: Design a patterned fabric to be digitally printed using photos you take of yourself. Create a garment for someone whose face you are intimate with. That person does the same, creating a garment for you. The garment should be wearable. It doesn’t have to be comfortable. If worn publicly it should be to an event with intense networking. If you’re out together, get photographed as a pair, 2013
custom-printed fabric, thread, snaps 
dimensions variable

Trailings Wall, 2013 
accumulated cut paper and duct tape 
dimensions variable

Projectional Objects, 2013 
pairs of found objects from St. Vincent De Paul and the $.99 store

For Emma Kunz & Lygia Clark
butcher knives, tape

Voice-over, a collaboration between CamLab and Rebecca Kosick, 2013
text poem in silver and white embroidery thread worn on CamLab’s clothing at opening reception
dimensions variable

Pair Off, Pair Up, Put Together (Dana & Paula), 2013 
digital print 
6 x 8” unframed