Torrance Art Museum exhibition

Leslie (exact replication of the sign for the Dan Graham gallery, which we renamed Leslie Dick for the duration of our exhibition there in 2009), 2012
Pink neon
16" x 72"

Running late in the car we saw a number plate for “Anna”

Met Sue, had a Constant Comment tea, walked around, talked around the PDA performance
Union station decorative tiles, sushi, giant pretzels with jalapenos on the train to Pomona
Just in time for Liz’s show. The pigment festival, students washing off colors in the fountain.
Browsing, drowsing, a beautiful abstract tapestry only $30. Dresses too small
Laughing on the way home, photo booth pics legs up high
Confusion in the car park, attendant attention, we are taking our tights off…., 2012
tights and sweat
46" x 40" framed