, 2012
vulva portraits, twigs, feathers, ribbon

Torrance Art Museum exhibition

Leslie (exact replication of the sign for the Dan Graham gallery, which we renamed Leslie Dick for the duration of our exhibition there in 2009), 2012
Pink neon
16" x 72"

Running late in the car we saw a number plate for “Anna”

Met Sue, had a Constant Comment tea, walked around, talked around the PDA performance
Union station decorative tiles, sushi, giant pretzels with jalapenos on the train to Pomona
Just in time for Liz’s show. The pigment festival, students washing off colors in the fountain.
Browsing, drowsing, a beautiful abstract tapestry only $30. Dresses too small
Laughing on the way home, photo booth pics legs up high
Confusion in the car park, attendant attention, we are taking our tights off…., 2012
tights and sweat
46" x 40" framed

Putting the Kink Back Into Straight Edge

Putting the Kink Back Into Straight Edge, 2012
Hand painted fabric skirt, hand painted fabric covers over lamps, six monitors with looped video 8mins

CamLab sensualized the MOCA Auditorium for the Shares and Stakeholders: The Feminist Art Project day of panels at the 100th College Art Association Annual Conference. The set-dressed podium, table, lamps and monitors affirmed the joining of the mind and body, heart and loins.

Score! for Xtra

Score! for X-TRA, 2012
Interactive performance with collected performance scores

In honor of X-TRA Magazine’s 15th Anniversary, CamLab chose 15 scores from its public displays of affection archives to perform with the audience. Eventually all the scores were enacted, with the session culminating in a climactic group effort.


Score!, 2012
4-hour interactive performance with collected performance scores

Working from CamLab’s archive of PDA performance scores, visitors to the Hammer Museum were invited to create a one-on-one performance with the artist duo. Participants selected a score to act out, make out, press the flesh as friends on the street, father and son at the park, lovers at a bar. Simple to enact, the event provided the opportunity for proximity with a stranger, no strings attached.

Two in a Bush

Two in a Bush, 2012
3-hour event at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

Visitors to the Grand Avenue plaza occupied the 60’ diameter relational garment and ‘converted currency’ while conversing on topics including the economy. At the same time, CamLab provided pennies to those using the Instrument of Intentions, a yonic and sonic wishing well. Throughout the evening CamLab polled those present to determine what the group would wish on next. As a gesture of transparency, CamLab donated $1000 of its Engagement Party budget to the group W.A.G.E., Working Artists and the Greater Economy, to help fund their efforts to create better economic conditions for artists working with institutions.

Thanks to Hotel La Rut, Abby Savell, and W.A.G.E.

You Are an I

You Are an I, 2012
3-hour event at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

CamLab programmed five different workshops to take place in the customized yurts installed as an encampment outside the Geffen Contemporary. Workshop activities included basic self defense, introduction to horizontalism, Experimental Freedom Techniques and embodied partner work. Each group wore its own CamLab designed garment while the workshop was in session.

Thanks to the workshop facilitators: Alexandra Shilling, Vivian Babuts, Chris Diaz, Jon Boyd Barrett, Ken Ehrlich, and Heidi Hornbacher

Dubious Equalities

Dubious Equalities, 2012
3-hour event at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

The Grand Avenue building’s lobby was transformed into a waiting lounge, where visitors browsed the ‘Empathy & Misunderstanding’ binders to find a text to present at custom-made podiums installed on the Visitors Services desk. Small groups of friends were brought into the Rust and Bludoir (Rothko) Room where they donned garments made from CamLab designed fabric. While occupying the bedroom set, the groups played in front of the computer camera mirroring program, becoming absorbed visually and physically. These images were live streamed into the waiting area.

Thanks to seamstress Frau Fiber and Hotel La Rut.