Clongloberation, 2009
circulating suit (secondhand clothing, thread, spraypaint)
Performances by (from top to bottom):
Deirdre McConnell and John Passmore, Untitled; Leopold Lincoln and Cunt, Hazardous Materials; Alice Cunt and Roller Monkey, Conjunctiondysfunction (photo Hector Torres); Theda Techopichetwongsa and Hector Torres, diaspOrganism (photo Elizabeth Mireles)

Temporarily separated--living in Brisbane and Los Angeles--each half of CamLab created one half of the suit, which was then sutured together in LA and handed off to the project’s first performer, Brian Getnick. He was invited to engage with the suit, which requires two bodies to fill it. He documented his performance with a photograph, then chose the next participant to receive the suit. The architectural garment is passed from participant to participant, each one extending his or her inclusion in the project to another person of their choosing. The suit continues to circulate.